Westport Honey

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Westport Honey Farm is run by Dermot and Aaron O Flaherty and has over 50 hives in apiaries on the foothills of Croagh Patrick to the lowlands around Clew Bay and the Wild Atlantic Way, each apiary on lands of local farmers each sympathetic to wildlife and nature in an area unspoilt over generations with small holdings with old meadows and ditches rich in blackberry, and wildflowers, and foothills covered with heather.

Honeybee Collecting Pollen for the HiveOUR BEES

Our bees go out daily collecting pollen and nectar from all sort of plants and trees like the furze bush, sycamore, pussy willow, horse chestnut, dandelion, whitethorn, apple blossom, clover, blackberry, and heather and ivy and a huge range of other plants all throughout the year and it’s from all these beautiful flora that the honeybee provides a surplus of raw diverse Westport Honey with its unique flavour. Read more…

Pure Irish Wesport HoneyOUR HONEY

We produce premium, grade A honey and other honey-derived products from the hive over the course of the year. Along with producing honey, both run, and set honey we (the bees) produce heather honey late in the year and Ivy honey known for its medicinal qualities by any farmer. For Christmas, we produce gift packs containing Honey, Beeswax Lip Balms, pure Beeswax Candles and Beeswax block moisturizers. Read more…

We have entered honey shows all over Ireland and won many prizes including winning the Dublin Honey Show for our rich biodiverse honey. Some of our hives are located just 100 meters from the Great Western Greenway and in fields along the Wild Atlantic Way.

We are members of B.B.K.A. and F.I.B.K.A. the Federation of Irish Beekeepers Association. We are registered and licenced to sell honey with the Dept of Agriculture and registered with the FSAI.