Honey – Is it Good for You?

Westport Honey on Display

What has not been written about the goodness of honey of late, from the benefits to you health-wise to helping to ward off colds, influenza, coughs, along with being a natural remedy if you suffer from hayfever and other ailments. It heals wounds and burns much better and quicker than other remedies.

Is Honey Good for You?Honey is appearing in loads of everyday commodities from breakfast cereals to shampoo, to even alcohol where it has been shown and advertised as so good for you in these products.

We the beekeepers have always known how good honey is and it has always for generations been used in the everyday life of beekeepers for nutrition, medicinal, and leisure time when a bottle of mead is opened and enjoyed.

Honey direct from a beekeeper is totally un-pasteurized, not chemically treated, and has nothing added to it, just the honey surplus from the bee, extracted from the frame and never touched by human hand and bottled for the shop.

If you are lucky enough to get your honey direct from the beekeeper you will never eat shop-bought honey on offer from all over the world.

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